Ciel has state of the art studio space available for photo, video and events.

studio 1

Studio 1 is our premiere studio. It offers an enormous 1600 square foot 3-wall cyc and 16' H Lighting Grid. From multiple editorial sets to large docuseries, this studio has the size and flexibility for any size project.

studio 2

Studio 2 offers natural light as well as the ability to black out. As one of our private studios with a cyc, it has been the set for music videos, green-screened interviews, fashion editorials and art shows.

studio 3

Studio 3 is our artists’ studio. It’s a blank canvas with tons of natural light. This has been the home to product shoots, editorials, film screenings, fittings, and castings. And with our butterfly walls, you have the flexibility to open it up with Studio 4 and the C1 Atrium for bigger productions.

studio 4

Studio 4 is our classic open studio. With natural light, private loading dock, and direct access to the Cafe, this studio has set the stage for documentaries, commercials, multi-set e-commerce, and art installations. It even has the flexibility to open up with Studio 3 and the Atrium for more space.

studio 5

Studio 5 is our largest open studio. It spans 3,700 square feet of raw industrial space with breathtaking natural light, blackout curtains, and a private loading dock. From multiple sets to large events, this studio has all the space you need to dream big.

studio 6

Studio 6 is the perfect studio bay for long and short term projects. With 1,000 square feet, 23’ high ceilings, dedicated wifi, and 100 AMP of power, it is perfect for editorials, castings, fittings, and production hubs.

studio 7

Studio 7 is an open studio bay perfect for intimate projects. With 900 square feet, 23’ H ceilings, 100 AMP of power, and dedicated wifi, voilà! Your blank canvas awaits you.

studio 8

Studio 8 is our private, natural light studio. At 2,000 square feet, this studio has a dedicated street entrance and loading dock, and private kitchenette. A fan fave, it’s perfect for photoshoots, fittings, and so much more.

studio x

Completely blacked out and sound attenuated, Studio X is perfect for music, photo & film shoots, live streams, commercials, or even jam sessions! With a private entrance, loading dock, and wall-to-wall sound acoustic panels, this studio sounds like it could be the perfect fit for your next project.

le noir

Welcome to Le Noir, a lush breakaway. Decked out with vintage pieces, curated art, and life-sized plants, this space is commonly used as a lounge, greenroom or as a curated set.


This creative suite at Ciel II is available to add onto your next booking. With a 65” screen tv, sofa, printer, and two desks, this open air office is right in the mix of the studios, serving as your production hub that is still close to the action.


The Cafe is the heart of Ciel, and your home-base.

glam room

Just across the hall from Studio X sits the perfectly polished add-on to your studio booking: The Glam Room. With a sofa, kitchenette, and hair and makeup stations, use this sweet little corner for HMU, production, or a cozy chat.

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