Ciel has over 38,000 square feet of studio space available for photo, video, events, and anything else you can think of.

studio 1

Studio 1 is our premiere studio. It offers an enormous 1600 square foot 3-wall cyc and 16' H Lighting Grid. From multiple editorial sets to large docuseries, this studio has the size and flexibility for any size project.

studio 2

Studio 2 offers natural light as well as the ability to black out. As one of our private studios with a cyc, it has been the set for music videos, green-screened interviews, fashion editorials and art shows.

studio 3

Studio 3 is our artists’ studio. It offers plenty of natural light, as well as the ability to black out if needed. This has been the home to many product shoots, editorials, film screenings, fittings, castings and stagings. And with our butterfly walls, we have the flexibility to open it up with Studio 4 and the Atrium to become space for bigger productions, art shows, dance competitions, workshops and more!

studio 4

Studio 4 is our biggest open studio. With its natural light and direct access to our Cafe and loading dock, this studio has set the stage for documentaries, advertising commercials, art installations, workshops and company events. It even has the flexibility to open up with Studio 3 and and the Atrium for more space. This studio provides amazing energy for any project!

2603 Studios

Coming Soon: We can’t wait to introduce you to the newest kids on the block. Studio 5, Studio 6 and Studio 7 expands our studio offerings so we can meet all your production needs.


Our upstairs Atelier has all the plants and natural light to make your office shoot look great, and with minimal props needed on your end. In addition, our fully furnished creative suites are the perfect background for a workplace or cozy home shot.


Perfect for a cafe or indoor work scene, the cafe can be rented as a location on an hourly basis.

  • Square
  • Amps of power
  • Cyc wall
  • Sound
  • Lighting Grid
  • Kitchenette
studio 1studio 2studio 3studio 4ateliercafé
2500 sq ft2000 sq ft1000 sq ft2000 sq ft1000 sq ft1000 sq ft
200 AMP, 3 Phase200 AMP, 3 Phase100 AMP, 3 Phase100 AMP, 3 Phase60 AMP Wall Sockets60 AMP Wall Sockets



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