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Studio 3 is our artists’ studio with natural light. It’s a natural light studio that is a blank canvas. This has been the home to product shoots, editorials, film screenings, fittings, and castings. And with our butterfly walls, you have the flexibility to open it up with Studio 4 and the C1 Atrium for bigger productions.

Studio 3 is a Natural Light Studio Where Creative Freedom is Allowed to Reign Supreme

Studio 3 is the perfect artists’ haven. From product shoots to editorials, film screenings to fittings, this natural light studio offers a blank slate for all your inventive ideas. The open space gets Western exposure through its sawtooth windows, so the natural light studio simply glows in the afternoon. Take advantage of the sunlight to capture the radiance and highlight your creativity in Studio 3. You have 1,000 total square feet of space to work with in this natural light studio. While the walls are 12 feet tall, the ceilings are 23 feet high so you can reach for the sky with your imagination. And if you need even more space for your big productions, the butterfly walls open up to connect with Studio 4 and the Atrium. Studio 3 also comes with the necessary amenities of dedicated studio wifi and plenty of power with a 100 amp, 3-phase distro box.

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