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Studio 4 is our classic, open multimedia studio space boasting an abundance of plants. With a private loading dock and direct access to our Cafe,  this studio has set the stage for documentaries, commercials, multi-set e-commerce sets, and art installations. It even has the flexibility to open up with Studio 3 and the Atrium for more space.

Discover the Intersection of Innovation and Nature: Reserve Your Exclusive Multi-Media Studio Space

Step into Studio 4, an immersive multi-media studio space meticulously designed to ignite your creative fire and elevate your projects to unprecedented heights. With its sprawling 2,000 square feet and open floor plan, Studio 4 offers a versatile sanctuary where your visions come alive. Drawing inspiration from the post-modern architectural movement, the sawtooth windows bathe the space in a soft, seductive glow. As the golden hues of the afternoon sun envelop you, the western exposure floods the room with warm, natural light. Designed for the modern creatives of art, fashion, entertainment, and tech, Studio 4 beckons you to surrender to its charms. Let the plant art installations breathe life into your projects, infusing nature's grace into every frame in this glowing multi-media studio space. Combine this space by opening up Studio 3 and the Atrium for the ultimate multi-media studio space. Unlock the boundless possibilities of multi-media mastery in Studio 4. Book your private studio space today and allow your creative endeavors to flourish. 

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