We believe that creative synergy can flow within a space when it is empowered from within. For us, it’s not just about business. It’s about connecting on a human level.


Cecilia Caparas Apelin and Alexis Laurent have partnered to create a new artistic sanctuary in the East Bay for creative minds to explore, collaborate, and co-exist. With Cecilia’s deep understanding of the creative industry and production, and Alexis’ expertise in designing and building successful beautiful spaces, their combined knowledge provides a unique offering with thoughtful design and engineering that offers world-class necessities to a variety of teams in the fashion, tech, art and entertainment communities, and encompasses all that is needed to create freely.


Urban Accupuncture
Just like acupuncture is aimed at relieving stress in the human body, the goal of urban acupuncture is not to disrupt a neighborhood or city, but to release tension and ultimately allow the energy to be released and flow naturally. Our expansive space contains luscious greenery, abundant natural light, and with plants that reach our high ceilings, it almost feels as though you are outdoors. This was designed with the intention to inspire creativity, and bring earth energy into our space to support our best work. 


Let’s Be Human
We believe that creative synergy can flow within a space when it is empowered from within. We believe in creating from truth and experience. It's through these elements that we see the purest, rawest form of creativity come to life.


Loosely based on reality, T.I.T. gives you an inside look into the trials and tribulations on operating a 38,000 square foot creative space in Southwest Berkeley, California. You’ll get to know the all femme team behind the madness and follow them on a journey of self discovery, truth and passion. At Ciel, everyday is a new adventure.

Giving back

At Ciel, we believe in giving back to the community around us. We are continuously partnering with local charities and nonprofits that support the arts and music education. Long time community partners include The People’s Conservatory and Reel Stories, both focused on enhancing arts, creation, and inclusivity for local youth. In addition, we are donating to The American Nurses Foundation for Spring 2020.  

Our Partners

We have carefully built on-site partnerships with Little Giant and Ranahan Productions, both long time experts in the Bay Area’s production needs. With creative and production services also on-site through Indigo Sky Creative, we are a strong, seamless extension of your creative team.


“They have created a space where everyone feels human and we can do our best work.” – Bonfire Labs



    The Lumière Boutique

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