Just across the hall from Studio X sits this perfectly polished add-on to your rental studio suite booking: The Glam Room. With a sofa, kitchenette, and hair and makeup stations, use this sweet little corner has been used for production, a green room, or lounge space.

Pamper Your Cast Inside Glam Room: A Rental Suite with Incredible Amenities for Your Production

Add polish and comfort to your rental studio complex booking with the Glam Room. This space makes an ideal green room with a sitting area, kitchenette, and makeup stations. You can also use it as a lounge space for cast and crew or even as a production area. Along with dual-lighted vanities for full makeup and hair or simple touch-ups, the Glam Room features a full-length mirror to make sure outfits are perfectly in place. Three single private restrooms provide a place for wardrobe changes, and privacy screens are available as an add-on to the Glam Room when booking this rental studio complex. The lounge area is a cozy place to take a break during downtime, with a comfy couch and chairs for seating. Our private kitchenette offers ample space to supply your green room.

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