studio 6

Enhance Your Creativity and Expand Your Mind with Studio 6: An Amazing Visual Production Studio Rental Like No Other

Studio 6 features 1,000 square feet of space to let your creativity run free. Whether for short-term or long-term projects, it's the perfect visual production studio rental. Make it into your production hub, shoot editorials, host castings, and have fittings – the sky’s the limit for what you can do in this studio.

The 23-foot ceilings give you plenty of room for lighting and sets, and 100 amps of power keep everything running all day long. Dedicated wifi lets you stay connected for research or communicate with remote teams in this visual production studio rental. Small seating areas outside the studio offer a place for guests to wait or for writers to work on last-minute script revisions.

Make Studio 6 your creative home base for as long or short as you want. No matter how long you stay, you’ll have everything you need to produce magic.

View of Studio 6 and the 1000 square foot space for this production studio rental. Featuring a black wall with 100 amps of power, there is a large entranceway that has a set of tables and chairs on either side.
The large white room inside of Studio 6 has orange beams on the ceiling. There is also a director's chair and some production lights in the center of this production studio rental.
A close up view of two production lights and a black director's chair that says
Black and white blueprint of Studio 6. This production studio rental features 1000 square feet of space and 23 foot tall ceilings.

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