Dedicated Desks in the Bay Area for Visionary Creatives

Seeking dedicated desk space in the Bay Area that ignites your creative soul? You’ll find the ideal atmosphere in the energetic and collaborative coworking community at Ciel. Choose from an Open Desk, which is first-come/first-serve, or a Dedicated Desk Space, which is your own personal space with overnight storage. Each desk is 6 feet wide and 3 feet deep – big enough for two people to sit comfortably or for one to spread out with a laptop, tablets, notebooks, portfolios, and more. Metal dividers separate desks to ensure privacy. Gorgeous greenery drapes over the top to enliven our urban architecture.
dedicated desk space
coworking space bay area
coworking space bay area
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dedicated desk space
dedicated desk space
dedicated desk space

How Ciel Desk Memberships Work

Our Desk Memberships offer more than just dedicated desk space in the Bay Area. You can take advantage of all the amenities you need to foster productivity, from our fiber connection and printers to a fully-stocked kitchenette with crucial coffee and tea. You’ll also get access to creative suites and discounts on studios when you need a different creative space.

No matter how you arrive at your dedicated desk space, Bay Area transportation can be a challenge, so we offer a bike rack, parking, and a free BART shuttle to make it smoother.

Open Desks • First come first serve

Dedicated Desk Space • Personal desk with overnight storage *Join the waitlist


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