We offer three gorgeous suites available daily and by the hour. Whether you are in need of an off-site location, production space, or one on one meeting, our suites are equipped with 65” screens, webcams, high speed internet, and amenities, all within an artistically curated atmosphere to enhance your next meeting.

Leo Room


Host your next team meeting, casting call, or staff training in our artistic creative suite. Leo includes formal seating for 12, natural light, and wide table space for workshops and formal meetings.


Tucked away in the corner of our coworking space, this sleek and modern lounge is the perfect way to elevate your next meeting. With afternoon light and sunsets, a birds eye view of studios, and lounge seating for 8, our Phoenix Suite is a special experience no matter what the occasion.


This stylish creative suite is a community favorite. With a TV, sofa, lounge chairs, coffee table and seating for 8, this space is the perfect balance to your intimate professional meetings.


Let's werk it!


The Lumière Boutique

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