Marian McColm


Pronouns: She/Her

Marian McColm joined Ciel in 2019 as one of our Studio Coordinators. She started working in production right out of high school, working in a dynamic duo with her sister, creating wacky and unconventional behind-the-scenes videos in LA. That's where her spark in film production started. She went to San Francisco State University and graduated in the Cinema Studies program. From there she started her freelance career, working on local commercials and productions, including Last Black Man in San Francisco, Thirteen Reasons Why, DEVS, and Antman and the Wasp. 

On top of a production career, Marian also has continued to direct short films, some of which you may have caught on Ciel's Instagram (Tune in Tuesday series, anyone?) Her new creative baby is Night of Shorts, a nonprofit film festival hosted at Ciel twice a year! As the founder of Night of Shorts, she helps curate a unique film screening that gets the film community together to celebrate the work being made right here in the bay. 

Being Studio Manager means making sure Ciel is running smoothly every day! Often the first in and the last out, and always around with the scissor lift if needed. Marian loves to create a unique experience for our team and for any team that enters the space. She loves all the different types of projects that come through Ciel's doors. She also wants to continue making space for local filmmakers to do their amazing projects here.


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