Genevieve Skye Mingming

Marketing Assistant & Executive Assistant

Pronouns: She/Her

Genevieve, a native of Walnut Creek, CA, has always been driven by her passion for creativity and innovation. In January 2023, Genevieve successfully graduated from Saint Mary's College of California, earning a degree in Data Analytics and Digital Marketing.

Before joining Ciel, Genevieve was a Social Media Manager and Community Coordinator for OPUS Mind, a sustainable e-commerce company specializing in upcycled leather backpacks. Additionally, Genevieve was a content creator for Badkiss, a luxury loungewear company based in Los Angeles. Her work at both companies involved curating captivating content and fostering a sense of community for each brand’s audience. This deepened her knowledge and experience in the realm of digital marketing and content creation.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Genevieve is a passionate lover of dance, fashion, and beauty. Dance serves as an artistic outlet for her, allowing her to express her creativity through graceful movements and choreography. When it comes to fashion, Genevieve considers it a form of self-expression, embracing unique styles and fashion-forward choices that showcase her individuality. Furthermore, during the pandemic, she took the opportunity to explore her artistic side by mastering the art of acrylic nail design, adding yet another dimension to her creative repertoire.

Ciel has been the perfect foundation as Genevieve begins building her career, helping her to grow and evolve. Taking the opportunity to step into her power as a young adult, she is ready to make a meaningful impact in the world by shaping the future for her generation and her industry while inspiring others along the way.


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