Ria Faust

Ria Faust


Pronouns: She/Her | Sun Sign: Aries

Favorite Hobbies

Watercoloring, reading YA, building things with my hands, watching movies only once, mental gymnastics, I finally learned how to ski


Social justice is something I was always compelled to even as a kid

What do you do at Ciel?

I help field studio inquiries, create content, produce events and a docuseries, hang out with incredible people, attend parties

What are your goals with this role?

I want Ciel to grow its footprint and diversify into other markets.

How do your past life experiences play a part in what you do at Ciel?

I'm thrilled to be able to flex my corporate marketing, agency, startup, and nonprofit experiences muscles in this super creative space. Ciel is the perfect place for all of that to converge. On a deeper level, joining Ciel feels like coming home.

Anything else you want the public to know about you?

I studied German in university and used to be able to speak and write papers in German. I have a poem auf Deutsch that was published as part of a class project eons ago and stored in one of UCLA's libraries. I think I'm funny, which is unrelated to the German thing.

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