Ciel Creative Space Director of Operations Rebecca Ahn

Rebecca Ahn


Pronouns: She/Her | Sun Sign: Aries | Instagram: @ahntheroad

Favorite Hobbies

Travel, exploration, learning, reading, being a wandering warrior woman (or as I call it, a "vajabond"). I love to empower my fellow women+ through travel safety, self defense, and business guidance. I also have a deep nerd love for accents, cryptocurrency, cats, and really cheesy puns.

What do you do at Ciel?

I oversee all business operations including financial strategy, HR employee relations, hiring, org development, payroll and benefits, and legal.

What keeps you motivated to work at Ciel?

We truly are a family here. So however rough it may get working in such a rapidly changing environment, especially through the challenges of this pandemic, we all pull together to support one another and see it through. As much as I love to travel and wander, I can never fully leave this community and am happy to always have a home here with my Ciel family.

How do your past life experiences play a part in what you do at Ciel?

I'm very passionate about empowering and protecting others, especially my fellow women+. So I love that I get to use this superpower to provide and maintain safe and supportive spaces for my Ciel team, members, clients, and community - physically, emotionally, financially, and legally.

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