Maria Peracchio Liu


Pronouns: She/Her | Sun Sign: Aries
Favorite Hobbies
Snowboarding, hiking in redwoods, yoga, and organizing!
What do you do at Ciel?
Oversee revenue growth and new partnerships for both events and studios. My experience is in business development within the creative industry as well as brand marketing, so coming to Ciel merges my two loves! I love being close to the action and seeing how our clients transform Ciel to meet their vision whether for a studio shoot, corporate retreat, personal event, or activation.
Mom and dad, Seymour Chwast and Paula Scher, Tadao Ando, Abby Wambach
What are your goals in this role?
Expand Ciel's reach for commercial shoots for luxury goods, beauty, fashion, and home interiors. There's more than NY and LA!  Our events space and production offering will serve industries in our backyard- tech, healthcare, and spiritual/wellness - I can't wait for them to walk through our doors!
How does your life vision align with Ciel's?
I need to be around creative people who embrace fashion, art, and design in their everyday lives. I'm a business person who thrives in the creative industry. I don't think I'd be very good at selling software.

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