Leilani Amolo


Pronouns: She/Her

Leilani Amolo is a Bay Area native raised by a family of Filipino and Hawaiian community advocates. Leilani is a solo Mother of three teens who established her professional career co-producing events for Fortune 500 companies, certified fundraising for non-profits, and community organizing. By nature, Leilani is a data enthusiast and visionary. She was operational lead of production for “The Grace Hopper Celebration” conference and more.

During shelter-in-place, she developed her skill as a photographer as a passion and offered to her community to launch the “LoveU Project” a photography exhibit celebrating women’s healing journey which launched and displayed on the Oakland Tribune building. Leilani also became the in-house photographer for the Oakland Symphony to date. Leilani is also a co-host to the “Filipino Momcast” podcast joining three other Pinay Mothers/Coaches who dedicate their lives to healing and thriving.

Today, Leilani is merging her love for tech, community, and the arts through her consulting firm called “Good Humaning”. She elevates her photography with intention and focuses focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives for entrepreneurs and business owners. As a producer, behind-the-scenes photographer, a multidisciplinary artist she is dedicated to supporting and activating people’s dreams, innovations, and campaigns that center on racial justice, building community, and “Keeping Good Humans Connected”


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