Charlotte Anderson


Pronouns: She/Her | Sun Sign: Cancer
Favorite Hobbies
Touching plants on walks with my dog, boogying down, cheffing it up, working with my hands, journaling.
Leaving all things more beautiful than when I found them.
What do you do at Ciel?
I run our Atelier coworking space, manage relations with our members, create our newsletters and branding materials. I throw happy hours and help produce our in-house events. Generally help maintain our Ciel ~aesthetic~
What are your goals with this role?
To ensure everyone who steps foot through our door gets embraced into an environment of love, safety, authenticity, and creativity abounding!
How do your past life experiences play a part in what you do at Ciel?
Ciel taps so many facets of my character, directly and indirectly: background in acting and production, a stint in public relations, summer camp counseling, production design, an ever-present desire to facilitate moments for community, connection, and delight.
Anything else you want the public to know about you?
I came to California by way of Minneapolis and am a loyal Northerner* if you ever want to talk The Land of Ten Thousand Lakes. *We're rebranding from "Midwestern"

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