Ciel Creative Space Operations Sr. Coordinator Angela Mihelich

Angela Mihelich


Pronouns: She/Her | Sun Sign: Libra

Favorite Things

Hiking, yoga, reading, singing, watching theatre, eating food. Musicians/Bands: Lake Street Dive, Larkin Poe, Hozier, Death Cab for Cutie, The Decemberists, Simon & Garfunkel, Bon Iver, Lord Huron, and lots of others because I am usually obsessed with a different band every week.⁣

What keeps you motivated to work at Ciel? How does your life vision align with Ciel’s?⁣

The team keeps me motivated to work at Ciel! The most important thing in my life is to surround myself with good, positive people with strong work ethics and big goals. I love the Ciel team because every one of us love to dream big, but everybody is willing to do the footwork it takes to achieve those goals. That's exactly what I want to do in my life - dream big, work hard, and be part of something beautiful.⁣

How do your past life experiences play a part in what you do at Ciel?

I got my Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and Theatre from the University of Redlands, so from the beginning of my adult life, my mind has been at the intersection of business and creativity. Eventually, I found my way into the world of production and have felt at home ever since. I've been working as a freelance Production Assistant and Production Coordinator for the past several years, and now that I'm at Ciel, I can translate all that on-set experience here. It really helps having worked as a PA so recently, since all the grunt work and heavy lifting is fresh in my brain, I can help advise how to make Ciel an easier place to shoot for everyone (especially PAs, no offense everyone else).⁣

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