Abbie Mulligan


Pronouns: she/they | Sun Sign: Libra
What do you do at Ciel?
Support your dream event in becoming a reality!

Favorite Hobbies?

Playing in the soil with planting and gardening, catching live music, facilitating multi-sensorial experiences where healing is at the heart, exploration of alchemy and magic


Everyone at Ciel!
What are your goals with this role?
How do your past life experiences play a part in what you do at Ciel? my experience working on experiential brand activations has inspired me to explore and be curious about ways to bring that level of “ooh” and “awe” to spaces that become that intersection. Ciel is that light bridge for those who are attracted to the space. And I love that our paths cross to make this wider intersection of possibility!

The Lumière Boutique

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