Miriam Amina Jones

Studio Manager

Pronouns: She/Her | Sun Sign: The winged, half-human sagittarius!

Hobbies: Using my hands - gardening, building, sculpting, healing, hugging, drawing, clapping for your badass accomplishments. Inspirations: In no particular order...sci-fi writers, social activists, mothers, oakland, ancient social systems, my three daughters, jazz, international travel, sacred geometry, couture fashion.

What do you do at Ciel?
Crack jokes and manage the studios.

How does your life vision align with Ciel’s?
PERFECT ALIGNMENT - creating space to be the creative humans we were all born to be!

What are your goals with this role?
To elevate & deepen on all levels: to instill a white-glove service to clients, to support economic growth that is grounded in authentic representation, to nurture individual & community relationships, to facilitate space for brave voices.

How has your past life experiences play a part in what you do at Ciel?
I was tasked with patiently holding a "key" across many lifetimes, with a prevailing theme of awareness. We shall see what this means for CIEL.

Anything else you want the public to know about you?
I take a lot of deep breaths.

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